Jealousy is always something too hard to control… 

kyumin moment at ss5 beijing…i died and am alive again.they look so happy togheter XD

Kyumin LDF fan meeting spam 1/5

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Kyuhyun as King Lee Hwon

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Someone messaged me and gave me the link to this clip so I’m eating my words (again, lol) about I’m done with Dragon TV and here it is the back hug from a much better view :D.

Turns out it’s not much of a ‘secret hug’ as I thought it was (over-dramatising, I know) but still definitely one amongst the quality Kyumin moments of the night. 

As usual, the thing I find most intriguing is always to watch their eyes movements, which perhaps tell more than what we can see. 

It will be my great pleasure to receive tips in the future. Spread the Kyumin love everybody <3. 

Many thanks to fellow Joyer who sent in this tip /*big shipper hug*. 


night kyumin ♡ ~ *sleppy
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night kyumin ♡ ~ *sleppy